What to do in
Le Consulat Begur

The stay at Le Consulat Begur will allow you to enjoy multiple activities, discover the unspoilt nature of the Costa Brava walking, sailing and more intrepidly immersed in the protected fauna of the Mediterranean waters.

And without leaving the house, you can practice paddle tennis and of course… appreciate the wonderful views from the house, endless possibilities.

If, on the other hand, you want a piece of local culture… Begur offers the history of some very peculiar inhabitants, the Indianos. Throughout the 19th century, more than 500 people from Begur crossed the Atlantic in search of fortune on the American continent. This mark means that Begur has an Indiano legacy of great historical and architectural value. Some of these houses can be visited.

Activities without leaving the house

Surfing the coves
with Blackbeard

Introducing Invictus, our little jewel, a motor yacht moored a few meters from the house, 7 meters long to discover the little treasures of the Costa Brava.

Available for hire with our captain

Let’s play padel?

Without leaving home you can organize a mini tournament with family, with friends, in the background a blue sea at our feet, young and old can take advantage of this paddle tennis court and share unforgettable moments on the long summer afternoons.

Professional paddle court without leaving home

Activities on the Costa Brava

Skirting the cliffs on foot…

In front of the house is one of the “caminos de Ronda” that run along the coast and have had different uses throughout history, such as accessing the coves from the sea, guarding against possible pirate attacks and, of course, smuggling. Nowadays, you can stroll, enjoy the coastal scenery in peace and quiet and access the hidden coves. There are 3 Ronda roads linking the coves; The Camino de Ronda Norte, the Camino de Ronda Este, and the Camino de Ronda Sur.

The sea

The proximity of the house to the Sa Riera yacht club makes it possible to enjoy activities such as kayaking, sailing and paddle surfing…


Thanks to the diversity and richness of the marine fauna, we can enjoy unusual places such as the Medes Islands, the Cape of Begur or the Black Island.

Local Culture and Art

Begur is a town with a deep historical personality. Under the shelter of its medieval castle, coral workers, fishermen, indianos and cork merchants have been the protagonists of a brilliant history that is reflected in every street, in every house and in every corner of the village.

The best known image of Begur is undoubtedly the medieval castle that presides over the municipality, but there are also other interesting places to visit, such as the numerous “Indian houses” (colonial-style buildings, built by locals who emigrated to “the Americas” in the 19th century to escape the economic crisis of the time, and who later returned with a large fortune), the 16th century defence towers (a legacy from the time when pirates sailed the Mediterranean and built by the people of Begur as a means of refuge against their assaults), the church (a Gothic style building dedicated to Saint Peter) or other historical buildings such as the Cultural Casino or the Old Schools.

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